Add ability to link calendar event to adventure

As a Den Leader, I am thinking of using the Calendar feature to schedule what adventure activities I will do during what meetings. It would be very helpful if when creating a new event on the Den calendar, if I could also link to an adventure approval.

As an example, if I had a Den Meeting that I wanted to work on Bobcat, once I enter attendance of the meeting, everybody that attended the meeting would then be marked complete for those adventure items automatically, without having to go do Unit Quick Entry.

This has come up before, and was one of the central features of the Den Leader Experience module. However, it presented several challenges:

  1. Scouts who arrived late, left early, or just were slower than others didn’t necessarily complete all of the requirements planned for the event, requiring leaders to remove erroneously-completed requirements/ranks. This is more work (i.e. there’s no bulk removal process) than using Quick Entry to capture the typical cases. Early/late arrival is hopefully a one-off situation for any given meeting, but the work adds up nonetheless.

  2. Planned requirements that were not completed by anyone still get credited based on attendance taking, requiring removal (i.e. special case of Item 1)

  3. Multiple scouts completing different portions of the planned advancement presented an even bigger challenge, since it requires removal of different requirements from different scouts.

All told, using Quick Entry typically resulted in less work because it greatly reduced the need to “remove” erroneous entries, which must be done by individually going to each scout, then drilling down to each requirement, executing several steps to remove the completion, then going to the next “erroneous” requirement, and repeating this for every scout who got credit for something they didn’t do.


What about alternatively instead of auto marking an adventure as complete we still get the ability to link an adventure?

Since all adventures are online now, it would still be helpful to be able to add an adventure to an event for reference, it doesn’t “do” anything but could be a hyperlink to the adventure.

That way scouts coming to the meeting know what’s being covered and those that miss know what to make up and where to get resources leaving the actual completion entry to the parent or leader as it currently is.

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