Add Alternate Email Address for Adult Profiles

Can you enhance the Adult profile so that a parent could add an alternate adult email address? Sometimes one parent has a SB account profile and adding the 2nd/alternate email address would enable the other parent to receive emails/notifications from SB as well?

why not add the other parent as a scout connection?


I can see other use cases for having multiple email addresses (at least in principle), but for the use case you described @HaroldRice, I think @DonovanMcNeil hit the nail on the head. Having the other parent with their own account means that they can access all of the Scoutbook features (such a linking to the calendar), not just get emails.

Also, since Scoutbook currently works on the idea of unique email addresses for each account, I have a feeling that supporting more than one address for any given account would be liable to generate creeping bugs.

In some cases the other parent doesnt want a SB account but does want to be notified of events etc.

They don’t ever have to login to receive emails

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Also, it’s trivial with most mail accounts to automatically forward certain emails to another account upon receipt.

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“I do not want an account” But “I want the information”. OK?


@HaroldRice - I do not understand the want or need or in this case the lack of a want and need. You can add the parents and they never accept andog in but would still receive emails and reminders.


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