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Add ASM's to sign off on Scoutbook

How do I make it so I can allow my ASM’s to ensure scoutbook is up to date for our Scouts. I am the Committee Chairman and am looking to ensure things are updated accordingly not just for the Advancement chair youth.

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Click on their name > add position. Then select either troop admin or patrol admin depending on the span of control you want to give them.


Another option is to connect the ASM’s to Scouts with Edit Advancement or Full Control permissions.

It depends on what you want the to be able to do.


Fundamentally, to log and approve advancement, adult leaders must have Edit Advancement permissions for any youth for whom they need to approve advancement. One method to achieve that is by making them unit and/or patrol admins. Another is to set their permissions in Connection Manager, but that will not automatically propagate to new scouts, so there would be a “maintenance” operation each time new scouts are added to their scope of responsibility.


Concur with recommendation above to assign the Troop Admin or Patrol Admin roles to individual ASM. If you have a good mix of ASms then assign one or more to each patrol when viewing the patrol in SB. Do not recommend direct permission edits if avoidable.

SUAC members, can you please clarify if or how permissions are separated between SB and IA? As this may limit expectations for the ASMs ability to create or update activities separate from rank advancements.

Both ASMs and Patrol admins are supposed to be able to record activities on the activity logs in IA. There may be a bug for patrol admins right now, though.

That’s a new change?

It was supposed to be that way a long time ago. I can’t say when it reverted or even if it reverted in all cases.

As far as I’m aware, only Key 3, Key 3 delegates and the Advancement Chair can approve activities in the new IA2 activity log…

As far as I’m aware, only Key 3, Key 3 delegates and the Advancement Chair can approve activities in the new IA2 activity log…

I just added a service project for a troop on which I’m a registered ASM and a SB troop admin. Not sure which one gave me the permission, but it works.

You were able to enter the service project, but were you able to approve it? Those are two different activities that require different permissions. I can enter activities in the Activity Log as ASM and troop admin, but I cannot approve them. That requires a unit Key 3 or Advancement Chair to approve them.

That’s true. I did realize that distinction after posting this but forgot to come back to clarify. It’s interesting, though, that as a troop admin I should be able to approve, also. Using positions from scoutbook for IA permissions has not worked great. I’ll definitely be talking to the developers about that next week.

This just came up at our committee meeting. Am I summarizing correctly: An ASM can enter activities in IA, but cannot approve them…unless he is a Key 3 delegate, correct?

That’s correct. But if they are a troop admin in Scoutbook, they are supposed to be able to approve them also. I don’t think that is working correctly.

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I can confirm that some of our ASMs have had intermittent issues approving log entries. I would have to go back and track down exactly which ones, and which is a Troop Admin or only a Patrol Admin. I hadn’t realized that Scoutbook Troop Admins had been added to the list of folks who can approve items in the logs. I don’t recall if the issue was strictly on the Approval side, or if they were unable to create activities/entries as well.

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