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"Add" button in payment log greyed out

I have two scouts, one in the troop and one in our cub program. I can go my cub scout payment log page and click on the “add” button to put money in his account.
When I go to my older son in the troop, the “Add” button is not available and is greyed out. Any ideas on what to do?

Rich Swain


Only Unit Admins and Unit Treasurers with Full Control connections to their Scouts can add to Payment Log. Since you do not hold either position in the troop, you won’t be able to edit Payment Logs.

Thank you. To clear this up we are in the process of moving from SOAR and SB to just SB for our activities. If the event is setup correctly in SB it should create a cost in the payment log for my son that I can go in and pay via the Paypal app?

It would require someone to “charge” the payment log for the event. That would be a separate action. We charge the payment log based on attendance taken at the start of the event. That is a manual action though. I could see some u it’s doing it based on RSVP. But again, it isn’t design to “auto charge” the payment log.

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