Add category to IA service hour reporting "benefits chartered organization"

In IA service hour reporting, add “benefits chartered organization” under the Category. They already have an eclectic collection of types. Benefits chartered organization would allow for a future JTE data gathering.

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Go to your Council and have them submit an enhancement request

Who normally submits these? Registrars or is a wider group? I sent an email to find out who. There needs to be a my.scouting / IA User Advisory Council.

There is such a group. But enhancement requests are to go through the Council staff who is providing support to local units.

In our council, that is usually the registrar. She has never heard of submitting enhancement requests, so she is contacting her informal network of other registrars. Any other hints at who can submit theses? Is it like a support ticket, but one marks it enhancement request? Through what internal system do they submit it? Just email?

Your Council should have a staff person (or two) who has the responsibility for providing first line support to the units for My.Scouting, Scoutbook, and Internet Advancement. Those folks have access to the help desk system where they can submit tickets for issues, or enhancements.


Famous last words.

I’m still waiting on the official word. I don’t think we do. I wonder how many councils don’t.

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They were all required by National to appoint staff to this role, and those appointed were given special training. If they don’t, then ask you SE.


I asked the developers to add this to the backlog.


Thanks. I am still trying to find out. Our registrar was very clear - there is no one that she knows of and no training that anyone has done. I’ve asked my DE to run it up her side of the org.

I have confirmed that no such staff (person or persons) exists in my council. We are not the largest councils, but are on the larger size of average.

It would be good to revisit this expectation from time to time. As people change and roles change and when push comes to shove, systems are dropped.

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