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Add Cub Scout activity for a recent Scouts BSA crossover?

Is it possible to go back and update the Cub Scout activity logs of a Scouts BSA member or multiple members? I have found both camping and hiking events that were not recorded.

Also, is there a unit report that shows camping/hiking/service that includes Cub Scout activities? I know I can look at each Scout’s log individually by selecting them from the roster, but is there a report that shows a complete history of activities?

I think the answer would depend on which unit’s official roster the Scout is currently on.

You could try temporarily moving the Scout back to the pack. Have a Pack Admin re-approve the Scout’s membership, and see if a Pack Admin can add activities. I don’t know if it will work or not.

If that doesn’t work, you could just move the Scout back to the troop and add the activities there, but be sure to use the real dates of the activities. I would also make it clear in the title of the activity that the activity took place while the Scout was still with the pack.

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I am an Admin for both units. I tried ending the troop membership and removing the end date for the previous Webelos membership. That did move him back to the Pack, but in IA I get an error saying the Scout isn’t on the roster. I guess the only choice is to use your second option.

Is there a report that will pull activities from both levels?

The activity log report gives you the option to filter based on date joined scouts bsa or all dates. Note that the date joined scouts bsa is in the edit profile page.

Using my son for example…
in IA, I select him from the unit roster page,
select CAMPING in the Activity Logs portion in the upper right,
the History page shows entries back to 2016.
On the History page, if I select Download Previous Logs, I get the exact same report no matter which “date joined” I select. AND when I select All Dates and run the report, the radio button switches to Scouts BSA every time.

Am I doing this incorrectly?
I get the same results for all other Scouts, not just my son.

There is a bug in the report. We have asked the developers to fix it.

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Thank you for the update, I’ll keep checking.

@PatrickWebber I think this bug is fixed now.

Yes, it was a quick turnaround. Thank you for the assistance.

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