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Add ID to profile

I added 2 scouts to our troop. They came from a pack that let their charter run out and finally got it taken care of.

They are good in troop roster on my.scouting but in Scoutbook there is no ID in their profile and I can not add it.

Ideas ?

How long ago did they show up on your my.scouting roster? It takes as much as 24 hours to sync.

Pack 227 got rechartered early this month. They were a dropped unit which might have caused this problem. Council transferred the to boys over to the troop about 2 weeks ago and I waited several day for the sync up. I have tried a lot of different things … Deleted them once and then put them back in. Most everything is working now. It will let me enter and approve advancement but in profile there is no ID number and it will not let me put one in. Scoutbook thinks they are still in pack 227 but they are not listed in my.scouting roster or Scoutbook roster .

I am no ready to run any advancement report for them now. The old legacy system might work for them but I am used to the Scoutbook way now.

Send an email to with details of what happened and the Scout’s names, BSA#s, unit’s and councils. They can fix the Scout’s accounts for you.