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Add JTE Award to Unit to add to needs purchasing report

Our Advancement Coordinator was talking about purchasing the JTE patches from the council shop. She said she would send the PO document and then a separate document for the JTE patches. It made me think that it would be nice to be able to apply JTE to the so the proper total of patches would be added to the list of items to buy.

These patches could then be shown on the Scout pages to show what years they were in the unit when we earned a particular JTE level.

While a nice idea, I think this request will fall off the docket due to several common themes…

  • Scoutbook is for tracking individual (youth) advancements. And JTE is really unit level.
  • There are an infinite number of items one could add to the PO.
    • This includes individual activity patches (e.g. pinewood, B&G, service projects, field trips, etc.), which I often add when placing orders. But those change from year to year, depending on your pack’s program and what’s available in the scout shop.
    • I’ve always found it easy to add these requests in my email when I send a PO to my scout shop. Our Pack is not a major corporation that needs an exact PO. To me, the Scoutbook PO is really just an initial shopping list that summarizes my advancement needs. I always want to buy more :wink:
  • Our council typically sends out a JTE patch/pin order form that makes it easy to request these. Plus, it’s only once per year.
  • And finally, I highly suspect limited developer time, too many higher priorities already on the backlog, etc. etc. will preclude much action on this.
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While I believe you have some valid points, and some others I would disagree with, I don’t plan on having a debate over suggested features.

If the the Scoutbook advisory council wishes us to debate new features, I guess I can start to argue against other features that don’t interest me. I didn’t think, though, that was the nature of this particular forum.

@SageLichtenwalner hit literally every point any SUAC would have said

  1. unit award - not supported
  2. many councils/districts already provide them
  3. it would be way down on the backlog

Apologies… you are right of course. Absent a better way for users to request, let alone prioritize ideas, this is the place to submit them.

In my day job as a programmer and UX designer, I know what it’s like to constantly juggle requests from others for good (even great) ideas, and I know it’s also a challenge to prioritize those along with the inevitable behind-the-scenes development effort required that will never be obvious to end users.

So I have a lot of empathy for what the SUAC and BSA development team have to do to keep up. And for whatever reason, I felt it necessary to chime in on this one.

Apology accepted. You read the SUAC response perfectly.

I wasn’t going to respond, but your kind response required it.

I was going to say, well, I’ll have to hold out until Scoutbook can auto generate JTE results (which it could more or less if it was a priority), then generating the needs purchasing / PO with the total would be easy. I won’t hold my breath, but as soon as it auto does JTE, I will request the patch again. :slight_smile:

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