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Add leadership positions for Council Boatswain? (And area/region/national, too, I suppose)

If this has been asked before, I apologize; I didn’t find anything with the search feature.

Is it relatively simple, and, if so, could we add a Sea Scout leadership position for Council Boatswain? I think the same logic would apply to Area/Regional/National Boatswain positions and possibly those level Quarterdeck positions. Right now I have a scout who is the Council Boatswain; but I don’t really have a way to put that in Scoutbook.

It’s not a biggie; but, if there’s a list of things to add at some point, maybe this could go on it… or someone could show me how to put it in. Maybe it’s in there already?

Scoutbook is mostly for unit tracking - not national - I think there might be one or 2 things in vernturing but would have to review that

For venturing Scoutbook supports District, Council, Regional and National President and Vice Presidents of Administration, Communications and Program (Naitonal is just VP). What positions exist for Sea Scouts?

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Council Boatswain, Area Boatswain, Regional Boatswain, and National Boatswain. I think there might be some quarterdeck positions at each level; but there aren’t patches for those, so I don’t know how official they are. But it seems like, if there’s a patch for it, it ought to be listed as a leadership position. I just have no idea how easy/difficult it is to add those.

I have added this to the backlog. I can not predict when the BSA will schedule it for development.

Scoutbook tracking

One issue is recording the start and end date of the position and perhaps also recording which district, council, area or region.

Related references and articles

Patches and positions

Positions of responsibly are not defined by patches or badges. How council and above youth positions can vary by program. However in this case there are badges of office:

  • Guide to Awards and Insignia, p. 55, Sea Scout Insignia. 33066, ISBN 978-0-8395-3066-4, ©2018 Boy Scouts of America, 2018 Printing

Qualifications (2016)

To be considered for the position of area (flotilla), region, and/or national Sea Scout Boatswain, a Sea Scout must:

  • Be a current or past ship’s boatswain; or a current or past officer of the region, area (flotilla), or council; or a current or past officer of a Teen Leaders’ Council of the region, area, council, or district.
  • Be recommended and approved by his or her council.
  • Be a current primary registered Sea Scout in his or her council. Must be a registered youth in Sea Scouting during his or her complete term of office.

The Sea Scout boatswain will serve from June 1 through May 31 of the following year.

Serious question (because you can’t actually think I was equating “a patch exists” with “well, then it must be a position of responsibility” :slight_smile: ): Is your thought that, because something like Regional Boatswain doesn’t fulfill the Able advancement requirement to “serve as an elected officer of your ship” that there’s no huge need to track it in Scoutbook? Did you draw that distinction because you see holding one of these offices as not holding a position of responsibility that technically meets the advancement requirement (a fair enough point)? In other words, a scout serving as Regional Boatswain, for example, would also need to have a job in the ship in order to meet the leadership requirement for Able rank?

(To be clear: This kind of parsing out is probably something I’d send up the chain rather than assume for my own scouts; I’m not trying to establish policy here!!)

There’s a scout in my ship with one of those positions – or “offices” – and scouts who are applying, so I am aware of what it takes to become one; but is your thought that they are more ceremonial and don’t fulfill leadership requirements? Our higher level boatswains really do put in significant work in those roles, so I would count it as leadership; but it’s also unlikely a scout would be selected for those roles without already having served as an elected officer of their ship. If that’s the case, I suppose it would almost always be moot in terms of advancement. Still, if I have a scout serving in those roles, I’d like to be able to show it in Scoutbook. I might be the only one, though!

As far as whether Scoutbook could track Council/Area/Region, I think our unit is already linked to our council, so area and region could be fairly automatic? Scouts don’t serve in councils or areas or regions that are not their own.

Interesting question you bring up although it probably doesn’t really change my ask in terms of putting them in Scoutbook and it almost certainly doesn’t change whatever priority level it already had! There are more pressing concerns in Scoutbook, I am certain. It was just a request.

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That was my interpretation on by first read of your post. (Good communications requires making a statement, the reader stating this is what I think you are trying to communicate, the originator of message stating yes that was what I meant to communicate.)

The job


My apologies for not including the duties and responsibilities with the 2016 article extract. It takes time to find official sources and I do need time to sleep.


Scouts (youth members and young adult participants) can (and do) register in units and as lone scouts in different councils with different MemberIDs.

Scouts in area, region and national positions may be assigned a MemberID issued by national BSA.

I suspect Scoutbook implementation may not easy.

LOL!! Alrighty then! :slight_smile:

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