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I have a parent that is on our Troop Roster as a “Unit Scouter Reserve.” He recently became a Merit Badge Counselor. He can be found on ScoutBook when I search for him by Merit Badges, but I am unable to add the Merit Badge Counselor Position (42) to his profile. When I try, I get errors that say the following:

  1. Contact Service center if you want to be a merit badge counselor
  2. My unit cannot be found. Make sure its an official unit number

This parent is already in on scoutbook as a merit badge counselor, and obviously, my unit is active, and I followed instructions for listing the unit number.

What is wrong here?

@PaulIrving - that would mean that council has uploaded its list of Merit Badge Counselors. As this is a Council Position it can not be added as a unit position.

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This is odd. His MBC application had his listed for Troop only, and specifically not Council-wide. I am too a merit badge counselor, have been for years, and I was able to add the MBC position to my profile in the past.

Can you post a screen shot of what you see for his MBC listing when you do a MBC search?

@PaulIrving - I seem to recall you are in Washington Crossing Council so when you search for an MBC the listing will have blue checks by the badges. Is the person logs in then goes to their account and then their roles, then can change the limiters for how it shows in a search.

There was a bug for a while that would reset MBC visibility to “Council” any time that a new MBC list is uploaded. That was fixed a couple of releases ago, but that didn’t automatically reset the visibility to what it was before. MBC has never been a “unit” position, even for counselors who chose to only work with a given unit. It’s always been a council/district position approved by the relevant committee.

Yeah, this behavior in Scoutbook would be changed as soon as your council first uploads the MBC list. From there on out, only the council can add/change MBC positions in Scoutbook. You can see whether or not they’ve uploaded the list by scrolling to the bottom of the page at

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Units -> Troop ###

At the bottom, it will show the most recent date that your council uploaded their MBC list. The one for our troop/council looks like this:

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