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Adding a Den Chief to the Pack in Scoutbook

@DanOpstal - You asked in another thread, now closed, about adding a den chief in Scoutbook.

While it is impossible to do that, I have a workaround that has been ok for me. I added my den chief’s father with the position unit Scouter reserve. He can’t really see anything on Scoutbook except the calendar. This allows me to send him event reminder emails that he can forward to his daughter, our den chief.

We track attendance in Scoutbook. Whenever the den chief is present, I mark her dad present (wheher he’s there or not), and that gives me her attendance.

I hope this helps.


I should also say that my den chief uses Google calendar and she has subscribed to the pack calendar through that platform. She doesn’t need to be in Scoutbook to do that.

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What happened to the Scout Oath and Law in Cub Scouting?

I suspect it is not impossible, but it may not be feasible or cost effective to make databases not designed to work together work together.

Why do parents and leaders in a family program want to set a bad example for their children by breaking the Scout Oath and Law?

I wonder how many chartered organizations do not require their scout leader and committee members to be basic (position-specific) trained.

Need to know what are the requirements to be trained for your unit leadership role? This sheet explains the training requirements for all unit-level leaders.

More Information

It is also unfortunate that some council professional staff without experience as a Scout, are requiring JTE scorecards to be submitted with recharter paper work, prior to the end of JTE tracking year which requires units to guess and perhaps not tell the truth.

@Bill_W - Are you implying that by adding my den chief’s father as unit Scouter reserve in Scoutbook, I am somehow violating the Scout Oath and/pr Scout Law? If that’s the case, please explain directly. If that’s not the case, I don’t understand why I was quoted in your message.

I had the issue you mention last year with my JTE scorecard. They wanted our turned in on December 4. Failue to do so means we would not qualify for council financial incentives, including free badges of rank for all of 2021.

To avoid being untruthful in submitting my JTE scorecard, I attached footnotes with the assumptions I made about events that were on our calendar but had not yet happened. I provided complete details and noted that if there was any change to our score, I would file an amended JTE scorecard. Whether the events happened or not, we earned Gold Unit status, and I made a note of that and what our score would be as well.

As it turned out, the planned events did indeed occur, and our correct score was as submitted.

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This is how I did it as well. I didn’t provide the 2 scores, but I noted items planned but not yet executed and that we would be gold both ways.

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