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Adding a Scout from another unit to a merit badge counselor in your unit

I know we’re all about scouts following the process, but what about in the case of where a scout is not able to get his unresponsive unit leadership to add a counselor to him in scoutbook? Can there be a way for a merit badge counselor or unit leader to add a scout in scoutbook that one of them is counseling from another unit?

Sure, go to the connections page in your account, and click on “Add”. If you’re a MBC, you’ll get the option to connect to a Scout as an MBC.

With that said, I think it’s important to reach out to the Scoutmaster to understand why he’s not responding to the Scout’s request – there may be more going on than you are privy to.

Thanks Steve! That’s a good way to do it - assuming the scout knows his Scout ID :slight_smile:

The scout or scout’s parent can look it up in scoutbook, too.

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It’s also available if they have the Scouting app installed on their smartphone.

… Or on their official membership card…

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