Adding a troop on

I have a troop that is new I am trying to set up phone scoutbook and it has been entered in by the council but is not showing up on scoutbook yet. The leaders are showing up and so are the scoutts Witcher coming from an LDS true that already exists and is folding. But I cannot find the troop any suggestions. Thank you.

Once the troop is approved (no longer pending) by the council, then it should show up in Scoutbook. Are you sure it has been fully approved (not just pending)?

The new troop’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Rep.) will have automatic access to the troop as Troop Admins. When they are able to access the new troop in Scoutbook, thay can add other adult leaders in the troop as Troop Admins.

What is your position in the new troop? Does your Scoutbook profile have your bsa member number in it? The same one that shows up on member manager for you?

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