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Adding an adult leader

How do I add an adult leader to be the den leader. The leader has a BSA number a scoutbook number, and is on myscouting? When I search for existing user: The user is not found.


Has the adult’s registration been processed? You can only add registered adults to a unit roster in Scoutbook.

Is the adult already registered as an adult leader in your unit? My experience has been that they will auto-populate from the official roster at my.scouting.org after a couple of days after they appear there.

Yes he has.

His BSA number is 13594737.

His User ID 9538299

I see him on myscouting.

We want to add him to be a tiger leader.


Matt Gerdin

Pack 351 Cubmaster

Sam Houston Area Council

Orion District

We recharted him as an adult leader and it everything seems ok on myscouting but not on Scoutbook.

That is an erased BSA #

OK I think I have this cleaned up so you can search for him now - try searching by email -

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