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Adding Arrow of Light Advancement to New Boy Scout?

Is there a way to add an Arrow of Light award to a New Scout in Scoutbook? If a Pack or Troop wasn’t using Scoutbook, then those Scouts don’t reflect AOL on their Advancement report. We are using TroopMaster and I am trying to mirror our records in both apps to make sure they match.

No a troop cannot award a pack award. You will need to talk to council or the pack to have them enter it into the national system.

Thanks. That is what I thought but I was hoping to avoid that.

It gets down to the official record - adding something to Scoutbook is official - TM is just tracking - if it is a brand new transfer Scout should still be on Packs charter so they might be able to properly add the award.

If the scout’s pack reported the advancement to your council properly and they still have the same BSA member number, it should automatically show up on their page in Scoutbook. Did their application with the troop get processed as a new app or a transfer?

I’m not sure if the applications were processed as transfers or new adds, but based on the lack of transparency on their Cub Scout records, I would say that it was as a new add.

Contact your council registrar and ask them to search for and merge the two BSA member numbers.

Thanks, I will do that.

If they find that a new BSA member number was assigned when the scout joined the troop, the registrars often choose to keep the original one. So, you will end up with a new version of the scout appearing on your Scoutbook roster. You may then need to email to have the Scoutbook records merged.

John, when a Cub Scout joins a troop, their Cub Scout advancement and awards are no longer visible. They still exist and should print on the Scout History Report, but they are not visible and graphics for most of them are not displayed.

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John, you should be able to access the Scout’s “Cub Scout History Report” in Scoutbook.

The only one that is visible as a Boy Scout is their Arrow of Light badge - it shows up just before the Scout Rank for each Scout. Our older Scouts, that were never managed under ScoutBook or IA 2.0 until recently do not show the badge. Most of our newer Scouts do with a few exceptions.

Jennifer, how do we access that history report? The only report available to me is the Scouts BSA Report and it does not include any Cub Scout Awards.

John, if the scout’s history has sync’d the way it is supposed to, then even scouts who did not use Scoutbook in the past should still show the AoL graphic if they earned it as a Cub Scout.


You must be using Scoutbook, not Internet Advancement to get the Cub Scout History Report. Go to the My Dashboard -> Administration -> Troop -> Troop Roster -> Scout -> Scout’s Reports -> Cub Scout History Report

Doug, I think that is the issue - it wasn’t synched properly in the past so our older Scouts don’t show the graphic. It isn’t a big issue since the incoming Scouts have correct records for the most part. Thanks.

John, the Scoutbook database is now the official record. If the scout is not currently sync’d properly to show the proper graphics, then they are not sync’d to their own record.

Thanks for that bit of knowledge - I learn something new everyday with ScoutBook as I explore it more and more. I need to test this path to see if there is someone that was in Cub Scouts but the report shows nothing. I appreciate all the help so far.

John, you might want to check with your council to see if the Arrow of Light rank (or other Cub Scout ranks) was ever submitted for those Scouts.

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