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Adding committee members to ScoutBook and deleting crossed over scouts and leaders

Hi, I finally got around to getting Scoutbook set up for my Pack. I’m trying to figure out how I add out committee chair or other non leader roles.

Also, I have 2 cub scouts that crossed over last year and also their leaders. When I go to delete them I get a message about not being able to delete them.

Lastly, does AOL exist for a rank or just webelos for 2nd year webelos?


Please do not delete Scouts or adults. For Scouts, go to their [Scout]'s Membership page, click on their current membership with your pack, and add an end date. For adults, go to your Pack Roster page, click on their name, then click on any current positions with your pack and add an end date. This will remove them from your roster.

AOL is a rank, but there are no AOL dens. There are only Webelos Scouts in Webelos dens.


Your Committee Chair should already be on your Pack Roster. If not, go to your Pack Roster page, scroll to the bottom of the list of adult leaders, and click on the “Add Leader” button. Be sure to use the “Search For Existing User” box, because most adult leaders already have accounts. You can search by name and by e-mail address. Repeat for other adult leaders in your pack.

Per the Webelos Handbook, 2018 printing, p. 4, 12, 29, Arrow of Light is a rank (badge award).

My understanding per the Webelos Den Leader Guide, 2018 printing, p. 18, is that the Webelos program is 18 months and that the dens are all “Webelos” dens. That means you can have up to three types of Webelos Scouts:

  • First year working on Webelos rank
  • Second year continuing from first year working on AOL rank
  • First year working on the AOL rank.

In Scoutbook you can give the dens different names. For example, “Webelos One” and “Webelos Two”.

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