Adding Connections


I am the Committee Chair and trying to give a Committee member access to see/update merit badge info. She is listed in the troop roster but when I go to look her name up (using the exact name as in the roster) in the add connections tab, I am given - “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

I am using Google Chrome on a desktop computer. I am not sure which version of Windows I am using, but it’s not the latest.

My member id is 124873055
Hoosier Trails Council

Thank you for your assistance.
Anita Moore

First check if she is already connected to the Scout @AnitaMoore

I did check. The adult is not connected.

What is the members BSA #? and search by email is usually better

The adult is , BSA # 116057152

You are using her nick name not real name - that is the issue - first name Mary

I just tried the BSA id# and that worked. Any idea why I can’t search by name?

I found her but I can’t give her access the way I need to do. I get a “Please check all the roles that apply to this user.” I have already checked adult leader.

Any suggestions?

Can you provide a screenshot (without the name showing) so we can confirm how you are going able trying to do this?

I am working on getting one.

Click the x and then click invite.

If that doesn’t work, what are the initials of the scout you are trying to connect her to?

I have clicked it off and on. The yellow box is what comes up when I try to send the invite.

I want to connect Patty to all of the scouts in the girls troop. The one from this picture is AS.

If she’s already listed on your scoutbook roster, go to the roster page and then connections manager. Click her name and then select either edit advancement of full control.

@AnitaMoore - for future reference:

I see that Scoutbook has updated a few things since the last time I added connections, several years ago. Thank you for your assistance. I now have her added.