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Adding Merit Badge Counselor Connections

I am trying to connect known merit badge counselors, from my council, to scouts in my Troop. Each time I try I get the following error message

However, when I connect counselors from other Councils there is no problems.

Is this my Council not switching on merit badge counselors or something else?

Thank you.


In the case of this Scout, has the Safety Merit Badge already been added for the Scout? The Merit Badge must have been added for the Scout before the MBC can be connected

I assume you looked the MBC up in Scoutbook based on the desired merit badge? If not, is it possible that the counselor isn’t correctly showing the MB in their profile?

Yes, you can see it listed in the screen shot.

When trying to connect this Safety merit badge counselor to another Scout I get the above note, which says the counselor is only allowed to approved for Safety, which is the badge I’m trying to connect.

Any ideas? I’m with NCAC so could it be that my Council isn’t synched to do merit badges?

@JasonHuggins I sent you a direct message. Click on your avatar in the upper right.

Hi! Had this problem just the other day, instead of going through the ‘Connections’ page of a scout, try going through the advancement page, adding the badge, and from that page invite the counselor. Thats what helped for us.

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Unfortunately, neither method of adding a connection has been successful for me. I am having the same issue as JasonHuggins. Any other ideas?

Same issues as those noted above. Cannot add the connection to the scout. Is it possible that only the parent can add the contact for the MB? I am the SM, not the scout’s parent.


How are you connected to the Scout? Do you have a full control connection?

I have full control in the connections section. Verified it when the error first occurred.

What is happening when you try to connect the MBC to the Scout?

I get the same reply that Jason noted in his original message above.

I am having a similar issue. I cannot add a new merit badge for a Scout. When I try, I get kicked back out to my dashboard page. I am the SM with full control. My Advancement Chair tried and gets the same result. Thoughts?

@DonaldHightower Try looking at the Scout’s Membership page. Usually when this happens, there is a pack membership that is still active for the Scout. Add a Date Ended to the pack membership, and that should fix the issue.

The Scout in my original picture above is in 9th grade and hasn’t been associated with a Pack in over 3 years.

I’ve been successful in adding 1 merit badge counselor from our Council to this scout’s record (the counselor is not associated with the Troop), but unsuccessfully in adding over 5 from our Council. Its the same for my other scouts as well.

Thanks for your help.

@JasonHuggins I was replying to Donald, who appears to have a different issue. His issue is most likely an active troop and pack membership for a Scout, which causes conflicts in Scoutbook.


We believe the issue you are seeing is due to some MBCs having multiple MBC positions in Scoutbook with the second having a bad list of MBs. Development is looking into this.

As a workaround you can provide the MBC with the Scout’s last name and BSA Member ID. The MBC can go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections, click Add then add the Scout themselves.

Thank you so much for the update.

That did the trick. Thank you!

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