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Adding photos or videos to activity logs

Is there a way to add photos or videos to activity logs? My daughter’s tiger den leaders wants “evidence” that my six year old actually went on a family campout.

You don’t need to supply evidence as a parent at the Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear level you are Akela and can sign off on any requirement that has been completed.


The new activity logs do not have this capability. IIRC, the old logs did not have it, either.

However, you can add pictures using Scoutbook’s Notepad & Comments feature. You can find the Notepad & Comments at the bottom of each rank, adventure, and award in Scoutbook. It is also available when you click on individual requirements.

For example, if you click on the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, at the bottom you will see the Notepad & Comments area where you can post a picture and notes.

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Thank you Matt and Jennifer!

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