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Adding rank requirement work to an event that is on our Troop Calendar?

Do any of you know how to access the feature on the calendar about listing merit badge or rank requirement work on the details of the event?
I can see the slide at the bottom, but I can’t add it to an event. Any advice is much appreciated.

Unless things have changed, that information isn’t visible to anyone except the editor of the event unless someone happens to look at their advancement/MB requirements where there used to be a small note that appears about things being “scheduled” for a particular date. I never found it very useful, personally. It is also not tied to auto-completing any requirements based on attendance (unless that’s also changed).

When I’ve included specific advancement work in the program for an event, I’ve added this information to the description of the event, where it’s readily visible to all invitees.

It does show on the requirement it self for the scout - “This is planned for 12/12/21”

Right, but the scout has to actually look at the requirement to see the indication. There isn’t a visible indication associated with the event that I’m aware of. You’d (theoretically) have to go through every requirement page (potentially even for every MB) to see what’s “scheduled”. For rank requirements, this is less onerous. For MB requirements, this could take forever. I’m actually not sure what’s visible if a MB hasn’t been added to the scout’s Advancement page. Presumably nothing until the scout/leader adds the badge to the scout’s page.

Thanks Charley.
I was hoping it had some way to import that information if it was put it to the requirements completed.
I couldn’t even figure out a way as the creator of the event to input it, although it looks like there are many possibilities. On the “wheel” you could make it go to Cub ranks, Scout ranks and then it has merit badges to choose from. There is just no way to save it or apply to the event.
I currently add that info in the description of the event also. It seems to work fairly well.

you go to what you want and save > then you click it again / a second time to get to the requirements

You are amazing. This is more answers than I have been able to get in a long time.
I like this Forum stuff :wink:

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I can’t get this to work, even trying to save.
I go to manage advancement-then turn the options so the one is in between the lines. Then I try to enter set and save, it still shows nothing.
I will just keep adding it in the description of the event I think.

it is really a near worthless tool