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Adding scout back into scoutbook

Someone deleted some scouts out of our roster and now I don’t know how to add them back or retrieve everything they’ve done this past year. Help please

Nicole - do you mean out of or just in scoutbook. Most likely if scoutbook they may have either ended or deleted the membership. If that was the case they may have left connections in place. You could check in your account then your connections to see if they are there and just restore the membership

It’s just in Scout book, I haven’t checked my When I go to my Scout roster it says that they are not in there so I’m not sure if that’s my connections as well. How do I restore their membership if their membership was ended? Thank you.

If you go to the dashboard then administration there should be a line that states my account. Click on that then my connections. If you see the scout click on their name. Let me check one of ours to get the remaining steps. Be right back

You should see a line that mentions membership. Click in there.

Thank you so much I will go and try to do that now.

You are a lifesaver, thank you so much it worked!

I would also check your my.scouting roster to see if they are still there.

Also, on their memberships that had an end date added, is their anything in the notes?

We we’re trying to transfer them send and they had said they forgot to add an elective, they tried to add it and then the kids disappeared all a sudden.

Are they transferring away from your unit or into it?

They were transferring ranks

When your pack is moving Scouts up to the next rank, the proper procedures is to go to the den page > edit den > advance den. I also recommend you start with the Bears and work your way down to the Lions to avoid confusion. It’s possible someone ends a membership to try moving them up using the wrong procedure and then wasn’t sure what to do.

Thank you got the info!