Admin Fee for Paying at Council?

Initially, when I completed my recharter everything looked good when I selected to “Pay at Council” then a few days later after getting some concerns from other units about an Admin Fee I rechecked my recharter and noticed that a 3% Admin Fee was added to our total even though we selected “Pay at Council”.

Is this a known bug?

I think councils have control of that - but I will check

Can you post a screenshot of it with no names? Just showing the pay at council and admin fee?

However, on this it doesn’t show we selected the Pay at Council option. But we did. I had another unit have the same happen.

So is it the Admin Fee?

was it initially saved (worked on at different times" with credit card selected?

That admin fee should be related to CC or ACH payments not pay at council. I checked all of mine and no fee as I did a pay at council

It was worked on at different times but never selected to use any other method of payment other than to pay at the council.

When registrar looks at in in registrar tools it should be less that admin fee is what i am being told

@JoshuaCromer Well the default is Credit Card - it is already selected - how many users logged into the recharter to work on it