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Adobe Reader 9 for Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

Has anyone else encountered this?

Adobe Reader 9 is no longer supported and available for download.

Adobe DC, requiring a monthly subscription is now what can be downloaded.

the Project Workbook access is now something that requires a subscription?!?

For any new life Scout who doesn’t already have Adobe 9 on their computer - this is a problem

I would love to know if anyone has a work around

eta - the BSA website still says to download Adobe 9 to use the workbook

https://get2.adobe.com/reader/ Here is where you get Adobe Acrobat READER DC


This is so strange. I was directed to either a 7 day free trial or a subscription. Now I can’t even figure out how I was directed to that page. I can only find the correct one. Panic over. Thanks for your help!

It got confusing when Adobe started calling all the products the same thing. The reader is free. The trial is good if you have one or a few fillable PDF form to make in a short period. With the paid subscription you can make as many forms as you want.

Most Microsoft products now have the option to make non-fillable PDFs.

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