Adult application Place Order fails: Timeout on WePay API

Attempted the Adult application, and on the last screen, the Place Order button hangs and results in “Timeout on WePay API” error, and fails repeatedly. Please look into an internal issue, so we can submit this soon. Thank you.

Desktop, MacOS, Chrome, Logged into, BSA ID: 140168517

We had to go to a different browser (Firefox), sign in, resume My Applications > Complete Payment, and then it went through. We shouldn’t have to clear entire browser’s cache to get this to submit. But at least it worked another way.

I have a payment receipt, but the My Applications page says status “Initiated”, and a button of “Complete Payment” is still accessible. Can you confirm if the payment went through? After payment, we clicked the “Complete Registration” button, but it seemed to just redirect back to the applications page.

@JasonKovacs you need to call your council on this - they should be able to answer

Thanks. After waiting 5 minutes, the status changed from Initiated to Pending Action by BSA, which was very confusing in the temporary state, not knowing if the payment went through. The online tools for financial transactions seem like they should be a bit more refined to avoid double payment and a messy refund process.