Adult Leader not showing as Trained

My new Tiger Den Leader, Member ID 13590711, Seneca District has registered and taken training successfully, but he only shows up in the roster as a Tiger Cub Adult. Our COR cannot move him to any position except COR delegate, and he doesn’t show up in any drop downs for Functional Roles. In the roster report it shows his registration as unpaid, but I can see his invoice and he has registered and paid. I do not know what needs to be done and by whom to fix this.


Did he complete an adult application? MID 13590711 is not a registered adult leader. You will need to contact your Council for assistance.

He applied and was approved by our COR. I can contact the council.

Was this a paper app or online?

It was an online application. I can see the application, and the invoice. He was approved by the COR and moved into the COR delegate position on accident. COR fixed that, but she was unable to put him in the Tiger Den Leader role. I thought it was because he hadn’t finished his training, but he is done now and he still isn’t appearing as a registered and trained adult.


You will need to work with your Council to get this resolved.

That sounds very odd. COR delegate isn’t a position in and of itself. But perhaps it’s on the list of options for the COR. I agree that you need to contact your council.

COR Delegate is a Functional role - Like Key 3 Delegate