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Adult Leader Registration Issue

When my son became a Wolf, I joined the den leadership, filled out all my paperwork, did my YPT, etc. and for most of his Wolf year, I was a registered den leader. In April, that broke for me, and I haven’t been able to get that fixed. Our Scoutmaster sent me a form to sign up to be an adult leader (again…) and it says I can’t sign up because I’m not yet 18. The joint damage in my knees definitely affirms I am over 40, so I am confused as to why I can’t get this fixed.

Now that I’m co-leading the Bear year, I really need to use Scoutbook to get this resolved going forward.

Can someone help me? I do have my BSA ID.

@ThomasBridge - so the April date would mean that you were not listed as a registered leader in my.scouting.org for the pack. Did you originally register via a paper adult application? And you are seemingly trying to register via the online application as you state it says you must be over 18. There may be a mix between you and your scout. I would suggest posting your ID number.

OK here is problem number one that Council needs to fix - the log in you are using now @ThomasBridge has no DOB - that has to be fixed. Looking around I think I found another BSA # for you but I see no registrations

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Hi all,

Yes, I registered via paper adult application last year. It does appear that my account lacks a birthday and that’s why I can’t sign up online. Nevermind that I have a birthday in scout book, so something weird happened here, for sure.



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