Adult Leader WITHOUT a Scout in the Troop

We have an adult leader who can not use the scouting app because they are not connected to a scout in the troop. I can not connect him to a scout in the troop because he doesn’t have a scout in the troop. What should I do so he can have access to the app?

The Scouting app is only for Scouts and Parents - it is made to manage one scout not a unit - so in this case the user would not be able to sign in - they can continue to use the web interface


Ok Thank You Donovan.

How do you keep track of payments for a leader without a scout in the troop? Or separate them from their child?

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Scoutbook does not have a way to track fees and payments for non-scouts.

The only workaround that I know is to include the parent data on the scout’s payment log with notes.

I have been doing that for the parents, but I am the scoutmaster and don’t have a youth in the troop. I want to be transparent with anything financial and was hoping by posting something about this issue Scoutbook would add that option to all members.

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This is in the backlog. We have no idea if or when the BSA will implement it.

The only workaround is to create a fake child for yourself.