Adult leaders with mixed profiles

A set of married leaders in our pack have gotten their MyScouting/Scoutbook profiles crossed up. The man’s profile has the wife’s email address and possibly more mixed. Her profile had information for him. He tried to remove her number from his profile, but seems to have disabled his entire access. Would you take a look and see if you can get them detangled?

His BSA ID: 10165939
Her BSA ID: 12924398

Thank you!


Please check the 2nd BSA ID. The number you provided is assigned to a male with initials RIM.
There is no Scoutbook ID assigned to the 1st BSA ID

These appear to be Scoutbook userIDs – not BSA member ID numbers.

@Scott_Hall Please look at your official Roster at my.scouting and see what their BSA member numbers are there.

I got the man’s BSA ID:


Lady is the same last name. I will try to get her BSA number, as well.


The BSA Member ID you provided is your’s.


I’ll send you a private message so you can provide the e-mail addresses. We should be able to find them this way as well. Click on the blue circle with white S in the upper right of your forum window.

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