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Adult Registered in two councils

A recent Eagle from another Council is going to college near our Troop and has become active with us. She has turned 18 and is registering as an adult in both her home Troop/Council and ours. What is the latest on BSA ID numbers? Will she get a new number for our Council like in the past? And if she gets two ID numbers, how does she sync her training in my.scouting.org - can you have two BSA ID#s in one my.scouting account? She is also registering to be a Merit Badge counselor - will she have two MB counselor entries in Scoutbook with the two ID numbers?


She will have 2 BSA Member IDs (MID) as they are assigned in council blocks. She can go to Menu → Manage Member ID to add the 2nd MID to her my.scouting.org account and decide which one is primary. The primary MID is the one that will be used when she logs in to Scoutbook and takes new training.

She does not need to register as an MBC in both Councils. MBCs can work with any Scout in the BSA. To appear in the MB Counselor Search results in both Councils she would go to her positions page in Scoutbook and set the listing preference to Worldwide.


How does she demonstrate to one Council that she paid the BSA fee in another Council? Also, Scoutbook tosses out Merit Badge counselors with expired YPT. So should she sign up to do YPT under same ID as where she becomes a MBC? Or is there a way to add it to the other record.

Thanks for your help.

If she has both of her MIDs in Manage Member ID her training should be combined so she is not removed from the MBC list in Scoutbook. If she sets her MBC MID to primary before taking YPT it will get recorded under that MID.

I don’t know how councils communicate registration since they cannot see MIDs in another council. That would be a question for a registrar.

The youth turned now adult volunteer Scouter has a current membership in the council where she was a youth. When she registers with another council, on the Adult Application is a section where she checks the bubble “Multiple Application” fills in her original council number, unit type and number.

She only needs to pay ONE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE and she will hold multiple positions within two or more councils.

She can hold multiple positions within one council and multiple positions in others.

Here’s the Adult Application for reference:

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There are good reasons to register in two councils, but it is unusual. Things get crazy because council IT systems don’t talk to each other. I don’t now if registrars can manually share information about registrations and back ground checks between councils.

On the question of whether she is required to register in both councils - this is a chartered organization decision first, then a unit decision, plus the second council may have an opinion.

Scoutbook does not require that she register in both councils. At the unit level, Scoutbook will allow her to use one registration to qualify her account to have leadership roles in both units. And the same account could have the MBC function for only the council that issued the BSA MID.

If she does NOT register in both councils, then tracking her training is not as easy as normal for the unit she is not registered in. Their training chair can use My.Scouting “Betty” to see her training records.

Someday, when BSA reworks their legacy systems, one MID will work in all councils. Maybe I will live long enough to see this. :slight_smile:

So how would that work because that is the main reason to register her with our unit; so she can see the advancement records of the scouts she works with, the calendar, sign up for events, etc. How do I add someone to our Scoutbook account who is not registered in our unit?

If she wants that kind of thing (signing up for events, calendar access, etc. which is more than just the MBC role) have her register as a unit college scouter reserve assigned to your unit. Submit the paperwork to Council #2.

There will be a fee (if she has ONLY previously registered as a MBC).

Remember: the MBC is a DISTRICT position. If she wants UNIT-level information and access, she is going to need to be registered with a UNIT.

Yes, that is what she is doing - registering in our Troop as a Unit College Reserve while she works toward ASM trained. MBC too but that doesn’t concern me as much.

But someone said I could add her to our unit’s Scoutbook account by virtue of her adult registration out of Council. Is that possible? How would I do that?

If she is a Unit College Reserve then she can be assigned in ScoutNet to your unit. Then, when ScoutNet does its nightly update to Scoutbook, she will appear.

Contact your council. This may be as simple as a) your registrar adding the assignment to your unit OR b) your Unit College Reserve may have to fill out the adult application again and list your unit.(no fee, since she already paid).

Constance, you look her up in Scoutbook just like any other leader. Go to your unit roster, click add leader, search by email, choose her, add her position, click update.

Where I live it is very common for adults to be registered in 2 Councils due to the unique way the Council dividing lines are drawn here. Even though scouts go to the same school ones that live on one side of a street live in Council A and those on the other side of the street live in Council B. I am one of those adults that are registered in 2 Councils.

When it comes to SB, it has been an absolute nightmare. It won’t help me at this point, but the advice I got long after I should have was to make 2 separate SB logins. Forget about keeping a consolidated record of training.

There is a little bit of discussion about the topic in this thread from October.

I never answered the question about why I am registered as MBC in 2 Councils. The answer is that 1 Council limits the number of merit badges while the other one doesn’t. One Council then dropped me from being a MBC because that wasn’t my “primary” BSA number and they claimed that my YPT expired (I take it annually, so I am never close to having my YPT expire).

Good luck and I hope she has a better experience than I (and many other leaders in my area) had.

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