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Adult registered with multiple packs, but only one is showing

I am registered in multiple packs, but with the November change, I can only see one pack I am associated with. What do I need to do?

@LaurieStucki - could you be more specific on where you are observing this behavior ?

I was going to go in and record an advancement in pack 118 where I’m a Webelos den leader (or assistant, I’m not sure which I was officially listed as, but I’m the one who usually recorded everything in scoutbook), but I could only see information for pack 160. I’m the past, I could toggle between the different packs, but I don’t see the option to even click on 118.

Does that help? I guess I haven’t been reading the messages well enough because I didn’t realize that scoutbook was going to change so dramatically.


@LaurieStucki - I gather you are in scoutbook.scouting.org is that correct ?

Scoutbook and Internet Advancement were recently moved to a new domain. The new urls are:


Internet Advancement 2.0:

Yes, as when I tried to just go into scoutbook, this is where it took me. The screen says internet advancement and my profile also only shows the one pack.

Use an incognito or private window and go directly to scoutbook.scouting.org

That did it. Thank you. It took me to how I am used to scoutbook looking.

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