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Adult Scouter's Training Award application

We haven’t had anyone earn this knot since before our committee chair took that position, so we are a bit unfamiliar with how to fufill this requirement "Give Primary leadership to the trained leadership requirement in the troop JTE objective in each year.

#11 is the Trained Leadership section. All it says is to “have trained and engaged leaders at all levels. All leaders are required to have youth protection training”. Does this mean that to get this knot some one has to teach IOLS or YPT? How does a leader give primary leadership for this? Or am I reading too much into this?

If your unit has awarded this knot to a leader, please tell me how they qualified for this requirement. Also note that this is taken from the 2020 updated Progress and applicaiton form. If the time we are looking at is 2017-2019, would we be able to use the older form?

I would reach out to your district training chair to see if they have any specifics of how they administer the award. My understanding of the “primary leadership” is to take an active role in motivating and assisting unit leaders in being position-trained. For example, work with the unit trainer to determine who is not currently position-trained. Help them understand what they need to do to get fully-trained. Work to understand the barriers they’re facing to getting trained. Publicize training opportunities within the district and council, making sure to reach out to the folks who need training.

It used to say:

“Give primary leadership in meeting at least one troop Journey to Excellence objective in each year.”

Which made sense, because different adults could be assigned different JTE objectives.

But now it says:

“Give primary leadership to the trained leadership requirement in the troop JTE objective in each year.”

So that seems to be referring only to JTE objective #11 for troops. I think that a troop’s Unit Training Chair could meet this requirement by encouraging the other adults in the unit to get position trained for their registered positions. I agree with @CharleyHamilton that you should contact your District Training Chair for specifics.

I did reach out to the district leadership but they are contacting council to await their answer. So if they have changed this to only a unit trainer knot, is there anything else that an ASM or committee member can earn?

It sounds like now it’s just a knot for trainers. Is there anything for ASm’s or committee members anymore? And if the tenure was 2017-2019, would I use the older form?

I don’t believe it’s restricted to unit trainers. Is just looking for the leader who is pursuing this award to provide primary leadership for pursuing the trained leadership JTE goal. That doesn’t mean the person has to be the unit training chair.

No, it is intended for all. It is the classic “general” Scouter knot. You just have to directly help the unit with item #11.

Personally, I think this is an example of where we took one step forward (cleaning up the award form and making the training/performance requirements more clear and up-to-date) and one step back (narrowly focusing the JTE-related objective on just training).

IMO, the award is supposed to show that you have committed to being a fully trained leader for 2+ years… not that you specifically helped with training.

To me, it’s not clear how you give “primary leadership” to this objective, other than helping out on the District Training team (not the point) or being your unit’s primary bugger of untrained volunteers (important, but hard for multiple people to take the lead of at the same time). And there’s a lot more to being a well-trained unit leader than just getting other people trained (though, admittedly, that’s an important first step towards better units).

Well, that is one of many requirements for the knot.

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I tend to agree with you, @SageLichtenwalner, that this requirement seems to have wandered off the award’s intended goal. It’s not clear to me why an individual training award for a leader is dependent on giving leadership to the training of other leaders. For example, if a given unit is 100% position-trained due to the efforts of one person in a previous year (or the efforts of the unit training chair), does that make another person ineligible to earn this award? Or is that second person’s scope of work just to make sure that everyone’s YPT and other renewable training (e.g. Weather Hazards) is up-to-date?

I see @Matt.Johnson’s point that this is only one requirement, but it’s a “One of these things is not like the others…” requirement. Perhaps there’s a solid rationale behind the BSA’s change to the requirement. Perhaps it was a crossed-wires error where what the folks working on the award revisions thought was the JTE requirement wasn’t what the JTE folks updated that requirement to say.

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Yes, it does appear they tighten up the requirements to mean Training specifically. The application now states “Give primary leadership to the trained leadership requirement in the troop JTE objective in each year”. It used to say “Give primary leadership in meeting at least one troop JTE objective in each year”.
Guess I am out of the running! Darn! I was hoping my taking on the Scoutbook conversion from TroopMaster would have counted. :frowning:

Rebecca, I would still recommend talking to your district training chair.

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I agree with Jennifer; don’t count yourself out yet!

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To all who have commented. This change in the Scouter’s Training Award was brought up at the recent Trainers Conference in Las Vegas. A statement was made there that indicates the JTE “Trained Leaders” requirement would be “Fixed”! By that is meant it would revert back to the previous requirement as detailed by JenniferOlinger in her post. The additional modification regarding the alternate to attending 4 roundtables will be retained. This “Fix” is not yet on the Website however I have to believe it will be soon. Keep checking the Training Awards page to download the modified form.
Additionally the Training Awards should and need to be emphasized for all the adults on the unit committees and unit leadership positions. This is a role model activity for the youth to observe, the Adults are getting recognized for their accomplishments and work. The youth see this and so will they want to be and maybe work a bit harder on their advancements.


@PaulHelman1: thanks for sharing. The inside scoop helps a lot.

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That’s good news! Sounds like it might have been a “crossed-wires” issue as Charley guessed.

I don’t envy the committee as they try to figure out how to word the District Committee version, since District JTE has been effectively mothballed for the next 14 months (assuming they don’t just punt). That said, that’s a much smaller audience and the unit version (which as you say, when promoted well sets a nice example for Scouts) is far more important.

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Thanks Sage, I will be posting the update report from Scouting U in a few moments. This is all cleared up now. The issue was the folks doing the update concluded the award was a “Trainer” award not a “Training” award. Once it was brought up this was not the case, the wheels of change had to re-engage and we now have the corrected result.

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To all who have commented, thanks for the interest in the Scouter’s Training Award. The updated and revised award applications were posted this morning on the Adult Training webpage. I thank Kathy Craig of Scouting U for this. She sent the following communication to share:


In response to feedback from Scouters around the BSA, the Volunteer Development Team at Scouting U has taken another look at the Scouter’s Training Awards and has updated the requirements.

Requirements have been changed to make it possible, once again, for all members of unit committees to earn the appropriate Training Award for their position within the unit. The district committee award has been updated to provide council options with the end of the Journey to Excellence for districts.

Thank you for your feedback, your support of volunteer recognition, your commitment to training and to delivering the best possible Scouting experience to youth in your community.

Access the Training Award Progress Records and applications at: https://www.scouting.org/training/adult/

Please download the new applications and encourage all our scouters, committee members, committee chairs, leaders and assistant leaders to work towards this recognition.


Paul, thanks for the update.

However, I think Scouts would be more motivated to get some of the more difficult awards, like the Supernovas and the National Outdoor Activity Medal, if they came with knots. I’ve been told by people at National that the goal is to reduce the number of knots, so they will absolutely not add any more. Problem is that 75% of the knots are for adults.

I’m not sure it helps to have adults walking around with knots the kids can not get. I’m pretty happy wearing the one red, white, and blue one that they can get. I don’t really feel a need for more. I was given the blue one for Cub leaders.
I find that the adults with tons of knots tend to be missing the knot I wear.

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