Adult Supplemental Training

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My leaders are attempting to complete some Supplemental Training to obtain credit for Scouts Trainer and Den Leader awards.

The videos don’t open and state they are “private” for

Can someone provide us feedback?
Additionally, how can I give them ‘credit’ for completing it?
I am The Pack Committee Chair.

Thank you


All the training award application forms refer units to their unit commissioners, district and/or council training people for additional information.

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I suspect the simple answer is “you can’t without the permission of your council’s scout executive/CEO”.

The title of the video list webpage suggests it is related to “BSA Home > Council Support > Council Management Support > Journey to Excellence” training for council management.

Online Searching

If you use the Scouting home search feature, an internet service provider service engine instead of the Scouting home topic page you may find other material that is under development, restricted to management, historic or courses offered by centers of excellence for a fee.


The site has some tools of it’s own and is a portal site serving many levels of scouting. The Scoutbook Scouting forum is primary focused on technical issues related to online tools (including Scoutbook), fixing membership data, and Scoutbook issues.

Award documents changing?

The Training for Adults,, and The Cub Scout Adult Awards and Recognition, links may be out of sync. (That issue needs to go to BSA® national via a council to be fixed.)


Please contact your unit commissioner (UC) who is your liaison with your district for additional assistance.


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