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Adult Uniform - Mexican Eagle Scout Equivalent

In our pack we have a dad who is Mexican. He says that as a child he earned the equivalent of the Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout rank. He is now our Outdoor Coordinator for our pack in Indiana and wants to wear a uniform. How do we handle his knots? Can he wear the Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout Knot. I think this is a pretty awesome problem to have and interested in hearing about the solution.


This is definitely the kind of problem I would want to have with my leaders. :wink:

I’ve never encountered it, but I would probably reach out to my council’s international committee to see if they know (or have contacts at nationals that would know) what the official answer is. Seems reasonable enough to me, but if our female leaders can’t wear the Eagle knot for their Gold awards, I’m not sure that Nationals would get behind an Eagle knot for another WOSM-member association’s top award. Anybody know if there’s an appropriate knot for international top-rank recipients?

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I like your problem!

I was not able to find any reference to an adult wearing a BSA knot for an award earned as a youth in a foreign country’s scout program in the online Guide to Awards and Insignia. Nor did I find anything about an adult wearing non-BSA adult insignia for a rank earned as a youth in a non-BSA program. The only thing remotely connected is an adult scouter wearing an award presented to them by a foreign scout organization.

I have emailed the BSA International Department to ask.


Thanks Charley and Doug, I couldn’t find much on it either. I have considered having him try to acquire the proper uniform for the Mexican Scouts and wearing it instead. Certainly would be a unique talking point for the pack. Interested to hear what Doug finds out.


That would require being currently registered as a Scouter in the AsociaciĂłn de Scouts de MĂ©xico, A.C. They control who wears their uniforms.

How do you feel about him wearing a uniform for the AsociaciĂłn de Scouts de MĂ©xico, A.C. at cub scout events in the USA?

Caballero Scout Aquila (Mexico)

There is a 1997 Manual del Uniforme - AsociaciĂłn de Scouts de MĂ©xico - Ordenamientos (uniform manual) online at

I do not know if there is a neckerchief, neckerchief slide, medal or lapel pin for this award today. The Scouter would need to contact the AsociaciĂłn de Scouts de MĂ©xico to find out.

There is Eagle Scout neckerchief. My council’s international committee raises money for non-US Scouting associations by offering a neckerchief from the non-US Scouting organization in exchange for a donation. I do not think the Scouter’s local council or unit committee would object to the Scouter wearing a Caballero Scout Aquila neckerchief (or neckerchief slide) if they exist or can be made…

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Based on my experience and research, the answer is no.

My international award: Queen Scout (Canada)

l am a Queen Scout. The award was presented to me in 1965 by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, when I was a Boy Scout in Canada. There is no medal for this award that I know of. The award was renamed the Queen’s Venturer Award. There is a Queen’s Venturer Award pin that may fit where international awards are worn.

I do not wear the Eagle Scout medal (or knot) because I am not an Eagle Scout. I also do not wear the Queen Scout badge (rank insignia) on the BSA uniform.

I do wear the youth religious award knot (Item 5007) based on the equivalent earned from a religious organization in Canada while a Boy Scout in Canada. That religious organization is part of the BSA religious emblems program.

Leader Neckerchiefs

See legacy forum thread: Leader neckerchiefs (2016-2018)

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To even purchase the Eagle Scout knot, you need to present proof of being an Eagle Scout. Only Eagles may wear that knot.

Please shorten your quote of my post to:

I am still editing my post and have removed the NESA section since it is not relevant to the uniform issue.

The Scouter may be able to wear a Caballero Scout Aquila neckerchief with his BSA uniform.

He should not wear an AsociaciĂłn de Scouts de MĂ©xico, A.C. Scouter uniform unless he is currently registered as a member of AsociaciĂłn de Scouts de MĂ©xico, A.C.

I would not wear a Scouts Canada adult uniform since I am not currently registered as a member of Scouts Canada.

In our Council we have several Scouters who earned Queen’s Scout and DoE as youth in the UK. They wear their QS badge between their BSA knots and the World Scout Badge.

There is now a current BSA/Duke of Edinburgh program partnership agreement. But that and whether DoE awards can be worn on the BSA uniforms is a topic for a separate Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award .discussion thread.

“No”. There is no equivalent. These special achievements and awards are unique to BSA.

He did not earn the BSA Arrow of Light award.
He did not earn the BSA Eagle rank.

He is NOT entitled to wear BSA knots for BSA ranks/awards he did not earn.

As an Eagle Scout, I find the idea offensive: offering our ranks and awards to someone who did not earn them as a Youth BSA Member.

A scout is friendly, courteous, kind, and cheerful. As an Eagle scout I try to live my life by the Scout Oath and Law. I don’t think wearing a knot for an award he didn’t earn makes sense, but it doesn’t offend me. Personally, if it were me I’d have a custom knot made in the colors of the award. Sure it’s not official, but nothing is in this case. I’m sure he’s as proud of his accomplishment as we are of our Eagle awards, so I’n all for displaying something! If I saw someone with a knot I didn’t recognize, I’d ask about it, and this would be a great conversation starter into the national brotherhood of scouting!

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I appreciate everyone’s responses. It is clear that he shouldn’t wear the Arrow of Light or Eagle Scout knot. Obviously opinions vary regarding what he should do after that. He is extremely knowledgeable and has been masterful in teaching knots, first aid, etc, even to the Eagle Scouts in our council.

I don’t believe I require any more responses.