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Adults missing in recharter but were there when turned in last year

I have an adult partner last year for Tiger cub, she is on my copy of the recharter I turned in. I did not drop her.
Now she is not listed? I don’t recall those parents dropping off before when national moves the boys up in grades?
is this always been and I just didn’t click or no this is new. usually when we get to recharter, like right now, I am able to move those parents to den leaders , cause she is the Wolf den leader? thanks

@StephanieMote1 - the tiger adult drops off in June. Since the scout is now wolf, there would be no adult partners.
Now did the parent submit an application for den leader ?

well that would be the reason why, guess I just didn’t remember that. will remember now.
I don’t know if she did or not, thanks. will just get her to do one and ypt certificate and add her back to it.

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@StephanieMote1 If you still have her BSA ID number, it would be good to include it, so that she isn’t given another BSA ID number.

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Yes, thank you. got that on paper work. thanks for the reminder

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