Adults showing two accounts, but only one MID

I have two Adult Leaders that are showing up in Scoutbook and Internet Advancement twice since the recharter. I thought they might need to be merged, but they both only have one BSA MID. They also show up twice in one of their children’s accounts, but not in the others. The second account on both shows an error message:

*Person not found for given person GUID

12579386 Troop G Leader/Troop B Parent
Linked Scout MID 128110213

1818435 PACK leader/Pack Parent
Linked Scout MID 135634845

@MelissaVallet that is fixed

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Thank you!

I have another parent with two accounts that I thought I could merge, but the second account is giving me a different error message: Logged in user does not have access to this API. I can’t see any account information.


Gender is showing as F, but he’s M.

Linked Scout 137065263

@MelissaVallet that is fixed

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Last one. Found another parent with a duplicate account with the GUID error.

Parent MID 134517058

Linked Scout MID 135335077

@MelissaVallet that is fixed

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