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Advancement / Adventures not in Scoutbook

I have a scout that completed Cub Scout Soccer (Sports Workbook) requirements for the soccer belt loop and the soccer pin. I was trying to add this to his advancements but I am having trouble finding it on scoutbook. Any help would be great, thank you!


Those were retired like 3 years ago.

Yes, I saw that and also found what I was looking for. They can still be added but it is under the create awards. And the loops/pins can still be awarded as long as the loops/pins are available for purchase!

The Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program was retired in May 2015; the awards were belt loops and pins. The β€œNew” Cub Scout Program started in June 2015, and has adventure loops and adventure pins. Some of the ideas of the discontinued enrichment program were incorporated into the new program.

As long as they are available to purchase, they may be earned and awarded.

From 2015–2016 Cub Scout Program FAQs, March 6, 2015 Update, page 29:

While the academic and sports program will no longer be supported as a program feature of the BSA after June 1, councils, districts, packs and dens may use the activities associated with the program if it serves the needs of boys. And while inventory remains available, packs and dens may award the devices until the supply is exhausted.

found using Internet Archive Wayback Machine and Adventure Program FAQs.pdf

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Thank you for the reply

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