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Advancement, Awards, Logs, etc missing after Membership Removed

My son aged out of Scouting, when his Troop Membership is closed out leaving him with no current membership then as a parent we are not able to see his Advancement, Awards, Logs, etc anymore. When the Troop adds him back with a Troop Membership then we can see all his advancement info again. I thought that a a Parent that Scoutbook would allow you to see the data no matter what. I even had my son log in to his account and all his data was missing until the Troop membership was added back. How can we keep a complete record copy of all the Scout data once the Scout has aged out? Are we just no longer able to see it again on Scoutbook once the child no longer has a current membership?

I’m not sure if the intent is for the parents to not have access when a scout no longer has an active membership. However, I would work with your unit leaders to get copies of the scout’s Individual Advancement Record, Scouts BSA History Report and Cub Scout History Report, as relevant.

They’re all available from My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Family -> Scout’s Name -> Reports (near the bottom of the page).

I don’t know if parents who are not also leaders can pull all of the reports. Based on the interface I see when I bring up the Individual Advancement Record report, it looks like leaders may be the only ones who have access (I get a list of all scouts in the troop in my interface).

The Scouts BSA History Report includes advancement, awards, leadership roles, and totals for hiking/camping/service hours. The Cub Scout History report shows similar information, although it has some idiosyncracies (e.g. shows his “current” leadership role in the troop as part of the Cub Scout report).

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