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Advancement Card Template

I am the Advancement Chair for our pack, each year we have over 100 scouts advance to the next rank. I have struggled with facing the task of handwriting all of these cards (I no longer own a typewriter). I have spent a few hours working on a template that can be used to print out the full cards.

You will still need to purchase the 8 card sheets from your scout supply store, but I created a MS Publisher Template that will allow you to print the cards from your computer. If anyone is interested in using this file let me know and I can share it with you.

Cub Scout tank and adventure cards can be printed from the Purchase Order in Scoutbook.

Yes, but you can’t fill them out

Can you explain what you mean? Scoutbook fills in the Scout’s name, date, adventure for adventure cards and can optionally include the Cubmaster’s name.

I see what you are saying, but for rank advancement, that would require you to print them as they complete. We do all of our rank advancement awards at the same ceremony in May. Many of our scouts completed the requirements in December.

We go to the local scout shop and buy the blank cards and fill them out.

Also, unless all of the advancements are on the same PO there is no way to use partial sheets. Over the course of the year this can end up costing the pack funds. Either that or you have to ignore all rank advancement until the end of the year.

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You can go back and look at closed POs and print from there. Your comment about partial sheets is correct though, and could be very annoying.

I would like this template please.

Emailed it to you Matt

As Patrick said, you can go to closed POs to print cards earned in the past.

One question I have though is why are you holding ranks until the end of the year? Section of the Guide to Advancement says:

A Cub Scout who has completed advancement should be congratulated immediately and publicly. And though badges of rank should be reserved for the next pack meeting, it is best to present items such as belt loops and pins soon after they have been earned.

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We do all of our Rank Advancement at a special ceremony at the end of the year, which is the norm for the majority of packs that I have spoken with. As far as all of the other awards they are presented immediately.

Rank advancement is different than presenting the Cub Scout with the rank patch. In Cub Scouts the Scout continues to work on adventures for the current rank until the ranks advance which is typically the last pick meeting of the school year (or birthday for LDS packs).

The rank advancement ceremony is to move the Scouts for example from the Wolf to Bear den. Unless the Scout completed the rank requirements after the previous pack meeting, no rank patches should be presented at the rank advancement ceremony.

Most non-LDS packs advance their dens to the next den level at the end of the school year. However, this is different from presenting Cub Scouts with their rank patch. Individual Cub Scouts should be presented with their rank patch at a pack meeting soon after they have completed the requirements for their rank. The goal is immediate recognition (or close to it) - they shouldn’t have to wait months to be recognized for something that they have earned.

As @edavignon said, they can continue to work on awards appropriate for their den level until the dens are advanced at the end of the school year.


I would like it too!! Please.


Could I receive the template also?


I would like a copy of your template please!

sent via email this morning

I would love the template if you would share with me!
Thank you
Debbie Anderson
Pack 4067

Can you send me a copy of the template. Curious to see what changes I can make or add to it. Thank you.

I would like it too.