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Advancement Chair: Can no longer run reports/Yellow Triangle with exclamation mark

Recently I was asked to be Advancement Chair for my daughter’s pack.

As advancement chair, I am unable to run any of the reports (needs approval, needs purchasing). I used to be able to run them but now I can’t. I can only see my daughter’s advancements.

Also, there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark next to my name in the pack roster in Scoutbook.

After, reviewing a few discussions on here, I noticed that on my.scouting.org, it showed no registered positions under my profile. Could this be b/c I hadn’t filled out an adult application and paid the fee? I was never told to do so, but looks like I was supposed to… maybe?

Completely new to this! Can someone please help?

Lisa /Just a mom trying to help out

Yes, you must be a registered adult leader to serve as advancement chair.


That’s what I figured after reading a few posts here. I was not told this… Just completed the application and paid the fee. Should I let our den leader know? Or what would my next step be?

It depends a bit on how involved your Chartered Organization Representative is with the pack. I would talk to the Committee Chair and/or Cubmaster so that they can loop the COR in. The COR is responsible for approving the adult leader applications prior to submission to the council.

Good morning. Same question/ situation. I was voted in as advancement chair, application done/approved and Scoutbook shows me as an adult leader, committee member including advancement chair, while scouting.org only shows me as a committee member. Does it take a few days to sync up? At what point should I ask Pack/Council?


Your situation might be slightly different, @RobertTravis1. Are you also showing the exclamation mark in a triangle, or are you just having issues with functionality?

If the exclamation mark is showing, I would start by verifying that the BSA ID matches between my.scouting.org and Scoutbook. If not, you likely have more than one BSA ID and need that resolved.

If it’s just functionality, are you trying to approve advancement and run reports in Scoutbook (scoutbook.scouting.org) or in IA2 (advancements.scouting.org)? In IA2, one of your unit Key 3 (CM,CC,COR) needs to set you as the Unit Advancement Chair in what I think is now called Position Manager in my.scouting.org, under the Organization Manager in the left side menu. UAC is a functional role in my.scouting, and has to be set separately from registration.

If you’re trying to work exclusively in Scoutbook, ask one of your Scoutbook unit admins to re-approve your advancement chair position, and make sure you have Edit Advancement permissions to all of the scouts.

Thank you. I believe my CC, CM need to update my records as you mentioned in the Position Manager. Thanks for the tip.

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My functional roles now in position manager need to be reset at least twice a year, at the beginning of the calendar year and at the beginning of the council charter year.

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