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Advancement Chair issue

Just a heads up that we found a glitch in ScoutBook related to our pack. Our Advancement Chair only could access Scouts from the prior School year/pre-rechartering. Our CM had to grant her full permission so advancement/Awards were accessible to our Advancement Chair.

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That is most likely that new connections were never made to the new Scouts

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I don’t believe that the AC position automatically updates connections to all of the youth. That’s one reason we made our AC a Unit Admin. However, doing so can come with some risks if your AC is not careful about what they do in Scoutbook. Also, you can’t remove Unit Admins’ Full Control connections with the Connection Manager. You have to remove the role first, then the connections.


This is what I see as ScoutBook’s largest shortcomings. The only permissions that are auto granted are for administrators. My understanding is that there is a volunteer written and supported tool that eases this.

Given how long it has been I have doubts that anyone will ever wake up and realize that roles should be a thing. Den leaders should have access by nature of being a den leader. And the key 3 should be able to assign additional helpers to receive the all permission as they do.

They key 3 can extended full access to other adults.

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You’re mostly correct. The default configuration for Scoutbook, if you’ve never used it before is that the admin role defaults to the Key3 members, and all other adults in the unit don’t have any special access – Parents have Full Control only over their kids, and no leaders have any special access to any youth in the unit other than their kids. I don’t think (but I’m not positive) that Scoutbook overwrites any permissions when the roster is processed during recharter.

The Feature Assistant Extension adds a “Permissions by Position” option to the unit roster page that does help a whole lot – instead of having to manually update the permissions for every. single. leader. one by one, or having to update all the relationships in the connection manager, you can go in and define them by assigned role, and it will update everyone’s permissions all at once.

I haven’t used Scoutbook in four years. I don’t think it is horrible. But I do think there are some major shortcomings. And when we started my troop it was pretty much unusable on troop meeting nights. That part is better at least. But we spend the money on something that provides troop records as well.

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