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Advancement for 2 brothers has been mixed

I am the Advancement Coordinator for BS Troop 3, and I am in process of moving the AOL scouts from Pack 3 to Troop 3. I noticed that there are two brothers in the Pack and that the leaders have entered all the advancement under the wrong brother. Nicholas is an AOL scout, but he has all of Zachary’s entries. Zachary is a Tiger scout and he has all of Nicholas’ entries. The date of birth and BSA ID attached to each of the boys is correct, this is purely an error of entering the wrong advancement under the wrong brother. Anyone have any idea how to correct this? Could this possibly have been a Scoutbook error when registration downloaded? The advancement coordinator for the Pack insists that he was entering the advancement under the correct brother all along, and I believe him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Could you post a BSA member number or Scoutbook userID for one of the Scouts?

Not certain if it is safe to post BSA ID online, so thought I would email it to you.

The Scout who should be an AOL, but is listed as a Tiger is BSA 135756014

TY, Beccy

It looks like the Council registered the Scouts incorrectly. You will need to work with your Council registrar to get the registrations fixed then their records can be fixed.

@RebeccaDavis1 We took another look, and the Scouts’ registrations appear correct, but their advancements appear to be swapped in Scoutbook.

We have escalated the issue to the developers to investigate.

Thank you Jennifer!
So appreciate your help. I thought I was losing my mind. Thanks for confirming I am not.


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