Advancement form performance

As a user, when updating an advancement requirement (sign off on a completed activity), this takes 5-10 seconds to save (spinner appears). In cases where we have many updates to make, this can become time-consuming. Would love to see if the save operation can be optimized to speed this experience up significantly.
Separately, Is there any opportunity for adult scout leaders with coding experience to contribute to the scoutbook codebase?

Clearing OLD Connections often helps - it reduces queries. BSA does not open the code to anyone but staff or contract staff.

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Has there been any discussion about developing a program for this? Given how much we are hearing about $ issues from national, the talent pool among volunteer leaders, and the fact that improved functionality may help drive user adoption, it seems like an untapped resource. A scout is Trustworthy, Helpful, and Thrifty.

This has been asked in the past. The answer is always the same. The BSA will not use volunteers to develop its software.


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