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Advancement not Updating: Linked Calendar Events


I’m using “Upcoming Events” and the “My Calendar” “Add Event” button to create new events for my Den. Typically, I make a new event, type is “Den Meeting” and I name it s sequential name. I include the location and the start/end times. I don’t have to invite anyone, because I already have 23 “Invitees” listed for the event (auto populated from the calendar).

I click “Manage Advancement” and add the advancement that I plan to do at the meeting. Then go under the “Planned Advancement” tab and tailor it to the meeting objectives. I then save the event.

We then have the event. I go to “* Attendance” on the event page and select the Cubs who attended.

However, when I go to my roster, the Cubs aren’t receiving credit for the advancement that I entered for the event.

I’ve attached a screen grab for a typical wolf cub. And then a screen grab of an event that the cub attended.

Why aren’t my cubs advancing?

Thank you all for this wonderful resource!

Scoutbook does not automatically grant advancement credit based on attendance. Scouts can leave early, come late, or choose not to participate. Plus, the den may not get through as much as they had planned, or some requirements may take more than one meeting.


Thank you so much for your quick reply.

This seems like a huge miss for Scout Book. Without a change, I won’t take the time to input detailed advancement information for an event if it isn’t automatically applied to the cubs that attended. This is an opportunity to make a useful change to the program.

Certainly, you make a valid point about Cubs coming late, leaving early, or choosing not to participate - but it seems like an unacceptably burdensome trade off when those Cubs, if they exist at all, will compose a very small minority of Cubs who attend an event. It would be much easier to retroactively carve those cubs out than it would be to enter all of the advancement information for each cub a second time.

Logistically, Scoutbook could automatically apply the advancement for attendees, or it could have a quick single-click prompt to retroactively apply the advancement to marked attendees. I’m happy to provide additional feedback if it would help have this change implemented.

Then stop bothering with the planned advancement section and make your life easier.

The reasons it isn’t linked to anything else are exactly what @jacobfetzer mentioned, and they’re really complex from a problem-solving standpoint. Fundamentally, what’s easier: Approving all Scouts and then manually editing out those that were late/left early/goofed off instead of worked on advancement; or don’t automatically approve all, then use QE to approve those specific Scouts that did all of the requirements during the meeting? IMHO, the second option is way less time consuming, and less subject to error.

And Scoutbook does have that feature to quickly update Scouts after the meeting via the Quick Entry function.


I struggled to get a positive take-away from your post. The tone was a bit off-putting, but I also didn’t understand your comment about one way being easier than the other. Shouldn’t the functionality be built in for us to take advantage of it we’d like to?

In scouting,

Ira Knight

Im glad you said something about this. My son earned his Bobcat badge infront of hole troop 38 but on here I dont see he earned anything at all and still at 0 percent when I know he has done more then 0percent

@TamaraForsythe I’d suggest talking to your pack leadership to see if they entered your son’s Bobcat progress in Scoutbook. It sounds as if they did not.

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Tone isn’t always clear when reading OR when writing. I’m sorry I responded more brusquely than I intended.

But, it really is much easier to handle this after the fact with the SB Quick Entry function, than to have it come over from the event attendance. You’re assuming that you’re going to complete everything you put into the planned advancement section, and that the number of Scouts that show up late or knock off early or goof off instead of paying attention is tiny. My experience doesn’t align with that… something always happens, no matter how meticulously you planned the Den Meeting.

Pumping everything from an event’s planned advancement over to the Scout records based on attendance, and then cleaning up the outliers is more complicated than it sounds, and happens more commonly that you might expect. On the other hand, using the SB Quick Entry function to update the Scout records is going to be less work to get the info you want into the Scout records.


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