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Advancement question on merit badge / rank

Hi all. I have two scouts in our troop that joined last year one week before the National Covid Shut down. They have been very active in our Virtual patrol earning merit badges and one of them has come on two camp outs as things have started to open up. Both have earned Multiple ( 40 +) merit badges from the online opportunities that other councils have provided. Our advancement chair has encouraged them to work on rank advancement but one is still just a scout and the other tenderfoot. If they don’t progress and at this rate may earn all merit badges offered will this be a hindrance to them progressing on the upper ranks ( Star ,Life) if they choose to progress ?

MBs can be earned at any time in the pathway of earning ranks


No, earning MBs before progressing in rank will not prevent them from earning Eagle. Star, Life and Eagle req 3 are poorly written. They refer to the number of MBs earned, not the number earned since the previous rank.


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