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Advancement Question

Does Scoutbook support Venturers advancement in both programs such that a crew advisor can enter both advancement toward Eagle and Summit awards?

Yes. Scouts BSA Advancements has to be turned on under profile and the scout has to have first class under that bsa #

Thank you for the quick response. I would expect that most the initial members of the crew all have First Class. It will start from my troop. I am not sure how many will remain part of both units.

@KirkWood is this the first time your CO has fielded a crew? Will you be it’s advisor?

My experience was that every boy scout in my crew tracked advancement toward Eagle in their troop and was not interested in venturing awards. I hope your crew will have at least a couple of youth interested in doing both.

This will be the first time the CO has had a crew and I will transition to Crew Advisor. Unfortunately because of some adult issues we have a gap in the troop and believe moving the original couple years into a crew and restart a troop will resolve some of those issues.

I don’t know if any will want to track for both or not. In looking at the awards, I would be at least as likely to hire someone holding Summit as Eagle. The age the scout earned Eagle would be the factor between holding them equal or Summit higher. Unfortunately, people don’t know about Summit as much.


My daughter crew had an issue with this and the boy had to join a troop on paper. He came in as a life scout and the advancement person couldn’t approve his eagle rank or MB. He joined the troop that she was advancement chair so she had access to both his profiles. No issue approving from troop side. My daughter is in the same crew and just finishing first class, with plan to continue just in crew. What do I need to do for the crew to be able to approve her ranks and MB?

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As long as Scouts BSA Advancement is on (Red) under Edit Profile and she has First Class Already (don’t think you see it till they have 1st) all should be good.

Note: Eagle cannot be approved in SB by a unit. That is a council function.

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