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Advancement recorded by 'BSA Administrator"

There are a few adventures/advancements "recorded by BSA Administrator’ on Internet Advancement. The Bobcat rank should not have been recorded for one scout. Not sure who the BSA Administrator is or how that advancement got recorded. Thoughts?

@RominaSarda - the BSA Admin entries are those done at the council level. You can back out the approval and completed dates and save it.

Thank you for the tip. I just now removed that advancement. Why would Council mark items as completed? Parent request to council? Is there a way to remove that approval? Wondering how to handle as expect when run report, that it is correct and only entered by leaders who have knowledge of advancements/adventures.


We have seen instances where a mistake is made when advancement is manually entered by the Council. This is usually the cause when a unit sees an award approved by BSA Admin that should not have been.

Our best advice is to correct the mistake via Scoutbook and move on.


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