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Advancement records for older brother also appears on younger brother's record

I have two brothers in my pack. One is a Webelos Scout and the other is a Wolf. When I went into Scoutbook this morning, I saw an outstanding issue of a Scout that had not been checked as receiving his Bear badge. I clicked on it before realizing it was for the Wolf, who just completed Tiger last spring. I can’t access the younger Scout’s Bear requirements because Scoutbook lists him as a Wolf. Nothing happens when I click on the Bear icon. The older brother’s records are fine. How do I fix this problem?

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put the scout in a bear den to fix it

But he isn’t even a Wolf yet. Will I be able to put him back in the wolf den if I do this? I see what you’re saying, but isn’t this kind of roundabout way to fix it?

Yes, you will be able to move him back to the Wolf den after you fix the problem.

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Thank you to both you and Donovan. elaine

Hi Donovan. I did as you suggested and was able to delete the Bear activity pins, but Scoutbook won’t let me delete his unearned Bear badge (or the unearned Wolf badge, which I also had to enter to get up to Bear). Each time I click off the checkmark and delete the date, it reverts to the date.

You did not have to enter the Wolf rank in order to move the scout to Bear. All you had to do was go to their membership and click the reassign den button.

@ElaineGiacomo try unchecking > save > then clear date > save

Are all of the underlying requirements checked off? If so, Scoutbook will autocomplete. You will need to remove at least one of the underlying requirements so that Scoutbook will not autocomplete.

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