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Advancement Report - Aged Out Scout

I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to report on advancement (number of merit badges, etc) for a scout who has aged out of Scouts BSA. Once they fall off the troop roster in Scoutbook you can’t see what they earned.

Those would need to be reported to council to record

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@RobertMarselle , this is one of the “features” of Scoutbook - I suspect it is acting as designed. The advancement data for a scout doesn’t really belong to the troop, so once the scout is off the charter you lose access to it.
The problem is that scouts assume that they can get that info from the troop, because that is how they have always gotten it in the past. That really isn’t their fault either. I know that other advancement tracker programs retain the data indefinitely, so the troop can always access it. But that is not how Scoutbook works. As troop leaders, we are users of the data, but not the owners of it.
I’ve read in the forum that the council office should be able to generate a report for a scout who has aged out. Another option for the future is to generate a “final” advancement report for every scout who ages out or leaves the troop and send it to him/her and the parents. That has been our practice since switching to Scoutbook.

A History report can be pulled for any Scout if you know Last Name and BSA # - go to Dashboard > Reports > History to get it - you might have to be admin - cannot recall


Very cool. I didn’t know about this. Thanks!

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