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Advancement report for eagle

Qustion I was asked to call Monday to our council by our scoutmaster (his son is getting his paper work in order to send in) to have them send us the scouts advancement report. Per our eagle corridter for our council. This is our first Eagle Scout since we have formed. Isn’t the advancement report we print from scout-book the same as the report they would gave us from council.? Due to the time restraints ( he is completing his eagle project first week of July and ages out July 27. I will do as asked. ( I do the advancement for the troop plus being self employed have more laywall in making calls doing the day) but it seems to be unnecessary step having to call the office having mailed to us just to turn it back in to the office when we could print out locally. I have two more boys at life rank show I would like to know if we need to do this every time…thaks

Craig - there are several things at your disposal in scoutbook. From the scout page select reports, there you will find the scout history report, individual Advancement record and the Eagle Rank Application. The primary concern is validation of the requirements. Time in leadership, required merit badges and all is correct.

Stephen, I’m not sure I see this level of reporting. I find Scouts’ Individual Advancement Record but I do not see the Eagle Rank Application. Are you saying the blank application is here, or it would /should / could be loaded here?

Heather, if you go to a Scout’s page, scroll down to “Reports” and click on it, then there is an “Eagle Application” option. However, it might depend on how you are connected to the Scout or the Scout’s current membership.

Thanks Stephen, maybe part of the problem lack of training at the district and council level, not saying I am expert at this’s stuff, I am here asking questions but it’s frustrating at times seeing something that should be excepttable. Anyway will call Monday since we don’t have anytime for delay with this scout.

Thank you, Jennifer. I’m the Life to Eagle Coordinator for my Troop. Do you think it is reasonable to assume I should have this level of visibility to all the Scouts? I do see all of their current Advancement reports, showing what requirements they’ve met and what is remaining. What level of access should I request my Troop’s Scoutbook Admin to grant me to see their Eagle Scout application?

Hi Heather, the Eagle Application contains more personal information (dates of birth, addresses, etc.). I believe Full Control connection to the Scout is required in order to access it.

Good information. Thank you!

@HeatherLyons, the person who should be generating the Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA) is the Eagle Candidate. They then need to fill in the remaining fields, and edit any others that might need it, before printing to bring to the Unit Leader and Committee Chair for signatures. IMHO, the Scout should also print off the Scouts BSA History Report to verify the rank and merit badge information on the ESRA, to hand to whoever reviews the package before authorizing the Eagle Scout Board of Review.

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@CraigVoss, I am confused. Why do you need to request a Member Summary from the Council Office before submitting the Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA) to be mailed to you via USPS, then you mail it right back to them/ They already have the information.

The Scouts BSA History Report in Scoutbook, and the Unit Advancement History Report in Internet Advancement both have the Advancement Sync with National Database logo, and are official BSA reports. These should verify any difference to resolve sync issues between the national advancement database nad the system Council staff has access to.

Agree with both your comments, that it seems silly for them to send as paper work we have, and allowing the scout to ( if he/she has the means at home, witch he does) to print off what he needs. Will address this when I call Monday.

Still learning how things work. I’m just trying to get visibility to everything, so I know what to expect and am not caught by surprise. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate the insight.

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@HeatherLyons, not a problem. I am a member of my Council’s Advancement & Recognition Committee, and have focusing on the reporting in Scoutbook and the updates in Internet Advancement the last couple of months. I would suggest that you get to know your District Advancement & Recognition Chair, and find out when the next Life to Eagle seminar will be held. Not only should you encourage all your Life, and soon to be Life Scouts to attend, it would be good for you to learn the process and get to know the players.

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