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Advancement Sync Issue in Scoutbook

Had our first ‘online application transfer’ using the online application tool for member ID # 133247643

We’re trying to enter merit badge details from summer camp and scout book is saying advancement not synced? Not sure what’s going on?

2 things - there is an old Troop membership that was never approved - erase that end date and approve that membership then add an end date to it.

If that does not fix it - unapprove the patrol membership and save it - then reapprove it

All in scoutbook? Or in my.scouting?

you can only do it in Scoutbook

Scoutbook is creating new membership profiles when I unassigned the patrol, I’m so confused what’s happening. Scoutbook will not allow me to unend a membership because of this?

@DeniseGuerra1 I think I fixed it - try it now

It worked. Thank you very much!

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